Milnor M96

Capacité de poids à sec
95 lbs (43.2 kg)
Hauteur de caisson
82 3/8 in (209.2 cm)
Largeur de caisson
46 1/8 in (117.1 cm)
Profondeur globale
35 1/4 in (89.5 cm)


MILNOR dryer with 22,4 cubic feet of cylinder volume. 204000 BTU and 1200 CFM. The dimensions are 85X35X47 inches.




Speed boosts productivity.

Fast drying results from strong airflow and high heat input.

Fewer operator errors.

Advanced microprocessor control is easy-to-use. Automatic drying avoids wasting energy on loads that are already dry. Control also prompts operators to clean lint drawers.

Built for long life.

Electrostatically-painted for thorough protection.



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