Come to Dalex Jacar to access the largest selection of laundry equipment parts for sale in Quebec but also in Ontario and the Maritimes. Our experienced technicians will find the right commercial and industrial washer and dryer part when you need it. Whether you own the corner laundromat or operate a large hospital’s laundromat facility, we make sure to offer you the right component, when you need it.

Our department is recognized throughout the province for offering you an impressive inventory of parts of all brands, in order to answer all your needs, no matter how specialized. We carry everything you need to get your dryer or washer back up and running: name brands, hard-to-find brands, dryer parts of all types, etc.

Find washers and dryers parts from the following renowned brands :

  • Milnor
  • ADC – American Dryer
  • Alliance
  • Chicago Dryer Company
  • PulseFlow Technology
  • Cissell
  • Dexter Laundry
  • Energenics Corporation
  • Sankosha USA
  • Hamilton Engineering
  • Hoffman
  • Huebsch
  • Unipress
  • Techstar Plastics Inc

To avoid the hassle and bother of contacting several suppliers and of spending valuable time online searching for the parts you need, contact Dalex Jacar today. We commit to returning your call to us in 15 minutes or less, so that you can resume operations as soon as possible.

So many reasons to buy your laundry equipment parts at Dalex Jacar!