Dexter Laundry, power and speed

More than 125 years of experience

Since its establishment in 1894, Dexter Laundry has been serving its customers Its primary objective is to treat washing efficiently and quickly for residential and commercial use.

A must in commercial laundry products

The company was founded in the city of Dexter in the United States from where it takes its name The values of the company are always present, with products that are adapted and performing.

The Dexter Laundry Warranty

Dexter is proud to say that they have the best warranty in the industry, which is enriched with support, before, during and after the purchase of your commercial laundry equipment. Online support is also available. Customer satisfaction is a priority, that’s why they rely on lifetime technical support for their customers.

Dexter laundry equipment

With more than 125 years of experience in the field of commercial laundry, the company has evolved along with the technology of its products.

Today, Dexter offers adapted and efficient products that give their customers peace of mind. More than 15 different models of commercial washers and dryers are available at Dalex Jacar.

Dalex Jacar, authorized distributor

At Dexter selling through a professional and experienced distribution network is a necessity. Each authorized distributor, such as Dalex Jacar, is able to offer product, installation and warranty support.